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About Me

My name is Samuel Goti1 and I am 21 years of age.2 I consider myself a bit of a polymath.3

I have a wide range of interests from philosophy, mathematics, physics, economics, finance, investing, psychology and anything else that happens to strike my fancy. I occasionally write blogs on here about said topics.

The title of this blog - Another Footnote to Plato - is a reference to a quote from mathematician and philosopher Alfred North Whitehead:
The safest general characterization of the European philosophical tradition is that it consists of a series of footnotes to Plato. (from Process and Reality)
If there is one overarching theme to my interests (and there probably isn't), it's a broad consideration of methodology. That might fall under epistemology but I think my approach differs in important ways.

At this point you might protest that I haven't said much about myself.  "I would like to reply: essentially yes.
For the essential in the being of a man of my type lies precisely in what he thinks and how he thinks, not in what he does or suffers.4
My background consists in a thorough education which includes both a formal part and my own extensive study. I am an avid reader and I read books and articles others would consider boring. I am a firm believer that footnotes in a text are important and should be read. I also believe that publishers that insist on using end notes instead of footnotes are evil.

For those curious what I do for a living, you may see some video footage of me at work here.

Here are my feeble attempts at engaging in social media:

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1 I had a professor that told his intro students to avoid quoting material from S. Goti: Some Guy On The Internet. It's definitely good advice.
2 I've been telling people this for years now so it must be true.
3 A polymath, in this day and age, is not possible so this must mean someone who is not really good at anything.
4 Quote is from Albert Einstein in his Autobiographical Notes which he jokingly referred to as "my obituary". This can be found in Albert Einstein: Philosopher-Scientist.