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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Financial Mathematics: Table of Contents

This is the beginning of a series of blogs on financial mathematics. The purpose will be to motivate the techniques used as well as derive explicit results. The presentation will be for those interested in seeing the logic behind the equations and what assumptions are made to derive them.

Feel free to bookmark this page as I update content.

You are more than welcome to post feedback on the series. My goal is to explain the concepts in a way that promotes understanding. If there are any errors, confusing concepts or anything else that needs clarifying, feel free to let me know.

Table of Contents

  1. Time Value of Money
    1. Periodic Factor, APR and APY
    2. Continuous Compounding Interest
      1. The Rule of 72
  2. Annuities
    1. Loans - Annuity Immediate
    2. Loans - Annuity Due
    3. Geometric Progression
    4. Perpetuities 
  3. Bond Valuation
  4. Stock Valuation


  1. Financial Calculators
  2. Sequences and Series
  3. Geometric Series  
  4. Flow of Funds Table
  5. Statistics - Expected Values  
  6. Statistics - Moments

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