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Friday, July 26, 2013

My 1348% Per Year Investment!

So several years ago I made a very small investment which has returned quite well. I made my money back within a few months and the rest was pure profit.

Altogether, I estimate that my returns have been 1348% per annum.

So what was that investment? A hair clipper! (If you really want to know, I think I own this model, although I haven't had the problems the negative reviewers are claiming so YMMV.)

I figure I paid somewhere between $ \$15- \$20 $ for this thing around 6 years ago. If you assume that I've gotten 1 haircut a month for a savings of $ \$5 $ (sure it costs more for a professional haircut, but you get a professional out of it), that comes out to about a 1348% internal rate of return.

And the clipper still works!

OK, so I can't actually reproduce those returns (while I do have several voices, they all reside in just one head and therefore one set of hair). It has seemed to work out as a good one time investment.

I don't if that makes me investment savvy or simply cheap but I'll take what I can get.

Happy Friday!

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