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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013: Year in Review

So I started this blog several years ago and didn't do much with it. I picked it up again in 2012. 2013 was the first year I blogged the entire year.

Starting out this was primarily a philosophy blog. I still think of it as such but I've devoted several thousand words to finance as well. My guess is that most of my readers (you know, the three of you . . . well one since two of you are just voices in my head) are more interested in finance than philosophy but I think there's a lot of value that can be gained from philosophy.1 You'll find a good number of my finance posts are still related to methodological questions.

So here were the top viewed blogs of 2013. If you haven't view them then maybe you'll like them:

1) Competitive Advantage Types - The title is as good of a description as I could provide.
2) Uncertainty and Margin of Safety - This blog uses the physics notion of uncertainty to better understand Benjamin Graham's margin of safety.
3) Understanding Enterprise Value - A quick and dirty derivation.
4) Stock Valuation and Anchoring: AF2P Contest Results - A study on how price anchoring affects valuation judgements.
5) Is the Stock Market a Ponzi Scheme? - A sort of Platonic dialogue regarding the stock market.
6) Financial Mathematics: Table of Contents - This is the beginning an online quasi-textbook deriving a lot of the mathematics behind financial formula.
7) Relating ROE with ROA and Leverage - A quick and dirty derivation of the relationship.
8) More on Benjamin Graham and Uncertainty - This is kind of a followup to blog #2 listed above.
9) Useless Stock Metrics - Some stock metrics I consider to be of little use.
10) Thoughts on Backtesting - This counts as one of those finance posts with a methodological focus.

Here's a couple of blogs you may not have read that I think may be worth your time:

1) Keynes on Investment, Speculation and Uncertainty Part I and Part II - This is a discussion from the chapter of Keynes General Theory that deals with investment.
2) Downside Risk Investing - This is a broad range of investment strategies that amount to little upside but occasional large losses (picking nickels in front of a steamroller type strategies).
3) What is a Financial Bubble: Part I - This is partly a reminder to me to review the stuff I didn't like about Part II and finish it and then maybe get around to another part or two.
4) On the Subject Matter of Philosophy - This is also a reminder to me to continue on this line of thought. Perhaps my recent post (and subsequent posts) will work their way around in that direction.

And if you really want, here are some investment ideas for 2014:

Via OSV: 3 Winning Small Stocks to Take You Through 2014
Via Eddy Elfenbein: The 2014 Buy List

1 There's a lot of garbage too. There's actually a good joke about how philosophers don't need trash bins.

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